Program Notes: Six Dickinson Poems (Song Cycle)

By Emily Lau

Voice, violin, harp

I found Emily Lau’s album, Isle of Lucidity, while searching the internet for voice and harp music. I was so moved by the first track, “I Believe,” that I contacted her. Much to our mutual surprise, we have many friends in common, and we quickly agreed to work together. Five of the six Emily Dickinson poems were originally written for the choir Conspirare, and Lau has rearranged them for solo voice, violin, and harp (“The Bee” was written for this project).


  1. I Never Saw A Moor
  2. The Moon is Distant from the Sea
  3. That It Will Never Come Again
  4. The Grave My Little Cottage Is
  5. I Shall Keep Singing!
  6. The Bee